Why is it worth to hire agent basing on exclusive representation agreement?

What is an exclusive contract?

Cooperation based on the exclusive representation agreement has different names – exclusive, systemic or closed (although I say that a regular contract should be called a “closed contract”, while an exclusive “open contract”). This means nothing else than the employment of one entity to perform the service under the conditions specified by the parties. That is no different from assistance provided by accountant, mechanic, doctor or lawyer. The benefits of hiring a person who will represent you before agencies or clients mean that you can take care of your affairs, and the person you employ is taking care of your business as well as possible. Sounds reasonable?
What is the benefit of hiring an agent based on an exclusive agreement?

  1. Calmness and time– a few sentences earlier, I have mentioned that hiring an exclusive agent gives you a feeling, that you can count on someone who will take care of your interests. In parallel, your time input in the whole process is reduced as much as possible. Once a week, you will receive a report about the progress. You will know the number of interested customers and the actions taken to find a buyer. Forget about constant calls to various offices to ask about any interest in the offer – you have one contact that will inform you about everything, and in case of doubt or any questions you can always contact, advise or support.
  2. Exclusivity = responsibility = action –  successfully sold properties testify to the agent’s value. Working with my clients, I am never taking on me more than 10-15 offers at the same time, simply because the activities associated with each of them require considerable time expenditure. Thanks to this you may be sure that your offer will not be lost among hundreds of others and will be skipped. Expanding my portfolio and raising the empty statistics by selling another property is not my ultimate goal. An open contract is nothing more than simple documents signing and “promoting the offer”, where the exclusive contract is a project in which everything has its place reflected in individual steps – defining the target group, jointly setting the offer price, marketing strategy, showings the property to potential buyers up to transaction negotiations and finalisation of the deal.
  3. Cooperation – one of the most essential aspects that I described in another article. By the decision of selling your property with me, you can count on the extensive cooperation not only between us. My activities begin even before your offer goes public. Through the access to the MLS system, nearly 200 agents in Krakow and over 40 real estate agencies operating on an exclusive basis receive access to it. You can be sure that every real estate office and their potential client in case of interest have a full set of information and the opportunity to arrange access to the property as soon as possible.
  4. Remuneration and representation of one side of the transaction – when you employ me, you can be sure that I will only represent your interests. Though my experience in Kraków Real Estate market I assume that nearly 90% of offices in our city receive remuneration from two parties to the transaction – unfortunately, to me this sounds like a conflict of interest.

What benefits this way of work gives you?

  1. Probably the most important – negotiating only on your behalf, instead of mediation between the parties to achieve the best transaction price conditions for you. Being torn apart between two sides, I won’t be able to keep the highest possible price tag of your property.
  2. Negotiating the best conditions for you at the stage of notarial contracts. I will set and plan the timeline, place and payment in an appropriate way to not make you worry.
  3. Collecting the necessary documents for the sale transaction.
  4. One well-structured offer –  if there is too much of a given product on the market and it is widely available it becomes unattractive. The same applies to your real estate, if it is promoted by multiple offices, it can cause misinformation and making the offer ostentatious. One properly prepared real estate proposal gives much better results and increases the interest of potential buyers.
  5. Promotion of the offer in the case of a “regular contract”, the only action that a real estate office can commit is placing an offer on web portals. I have to worry you – everyone does it. It is necessary to ask yourself on what to do to make your offer really stand out from the crowd. When you decide to work with me, you can count on alternative forms of promotion through, e.g.:
  • Open days
  • Professional photo sessions
  • Using the services of professional interior decorators (Home Staging)
  • Preparation of virtual walks around the property
  • Promotional videos with the use of a drone
  • Personalised advertising campaigns in social media (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Exposing the exact location of the property – When working with agents on a regular contract basis, you need to be aware that the precise location of the property is often not shown. Knowing that your ad is circulating somewhere on the web, providing the exact address is at risk for them. Therefore they deliberately expand the district in which the product is located. Due to unmatched expectations, this results in nearly 40% more empty presentations – You waste a lot of time on this treatment.

And so on…
You need to know that the sales process of each property is an individual project that needs to be adequately thought out and planned.
You can find the offers that have been prepared by me in the projects tab.