Are you willing to buy?

The purchase process can be a stressful chapter in your life, especially it is a must to check the property in the legal context.

Did you know that the prices of real estates offered on portals can be inflated by up to 10% in comparison to the transaction price?

Think about whether you are ready to do it only by yourself.


Clear and transparent rules of cooperation established at the very beginning stage of cooperation make my clients happy.

And only that matters...

Cooperation model


Exploratory meeting

At this stage, we get to know each other, but I am also trying to understand your needs. Are you looking for a large garage? Or maybe the terrace where you can relax after work? You may also see how do I work and what you can gain from it.


The formalisation of our cooperation

Due to to the real estate agreement, we are founding our partnership on clearly defined rules. Additionally, you are protected by third-party liability insurance, which should be the standard for any real estate agent.


Digging through the piles of offers, presentations

You see 10 same ads about one property with different descriptions or numbers? You are calling there, and it’s out of date? By working with me, you can be sure that the offers which will be sent to you are previously checked and verified. If there is such a possibility, I visit the properties before you to make sure that the offer meets your primary requirements.


Negotiations and formalisation

The most exciting moment comes when we find the dream property. I’m here to ensure that you don’t make a hasty decision and don’t let emotions get involved. Afterwards, I will prepare the necessary documents for the transaction and efficiently carry out the entire process (contracts, protocols) until the property lands in your hands.

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