Do you want to sell the property?

Do you know what factors affect the real estate sale process?

It is of the critical factors, which determines the value of the real estate and the potential groups of buyers.

Prevailing trends in interior design are constantly changing. What do you like is not what the buyer may do. It is essential to determine the level of standards and, if necessary, make cost-effective changes.

Did you know that factors such as the layout of the apartment, exposition of windows, view and other spaces such as the balcony, terrace, storage room, parking space - have a high impact on the attractiveness of the property?

Another key factor determining the success of sales. While does not persists in the lower range of possible prize, the problem arises when your property is over-valued. This can significantly extend the sales process, and as a result, the property will be on the market for

An essential factor. Thanks to the appropriate preparation of the property for sale, we can do it from 5% to even 10% higher prize. You wouldn’t want to see a flat where it smells bad, it’s dirty, or the walls are smudged

The right attitude, listening to the buyer side and using it at the right time, can greatly speed up the entire process

Clear and transparent rules of cooperation established at the very beginning stage of cooperation make my clients happy.

And only that matters...

Cooperation model


Consultations and visual inspection of real estate

This is an entirely non-binding part from which I start my work. We get to know each other and the property that may potentially become the object of my work. During the meeting, I will present you solutions that will help you sell your property along with reducing the number of potential obstacles and your least involvement. Besides that, you’ll learn how I work and what you can gain from it.


The formalisation of our cooperation

Due to to the real estate agreement, we are founding our partnership on clearly defined rules. Additionally, you are protected by third-party liability insurance, which should be the standard for any real estate agent.


Preparation of the property for sale

One of the key stages, which determines when and for what price your property will be sold. With the right preparation, you can gain a lot.


Negotiations, documents, finalisation

The most exciting moment comes when we find a potential buyer. I’m here to ensure that you don’t make a hasty decision and don’t let emotions get involved. Afterwards, I will prepare the necessary documents for the transaction and efficiently carry out the entire process (contracts, protocols) until the property is transferred to the new owner.

Sounds simple right?

This deserves a toast of champagne because we just sold your apartment!


this is an average per cent rise from a transaction price if you employ a professional who will prepare and take care of the offer.


The length of real estate sale process is reduced even twice, proportionally your satisfaction is doubled.


This is the transaction closing efficiency ratio basing on an exclusive contract, in comparison to the regular one, it is only 7%.

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