Do you want to rent?

The rental process may be unexpectedly more complicated than selling real estate.


Clear and transparent rules of cooperation established at the very beginning stage of cooperation make my clients happy.

And only that matters...

Cooperation model


Exploratory meeting

At this stage, we get to know each other, but I am also trying to understand your needs. Are you looking for a large garage? Or maybe a terrace where you can relax after work? You will see how I work and what you can gain from it.


The formalisation of our cooperation

Due to to the real estate agreement, we are founding our partnership on clearly defined rules. Additionally, you are protected by third-party liability insurance, which should be the standard for any real estate agent.


Promotion and presentations

The professionally photographed rent offer goes to the web and the rental offices’ cooperating system. At the showings, I ask potential tenants many questions that allow for reliable verification and making the decision to rent the property to the clients.



Once we find the right person interested in renting the property, I will take care of preparing the appropriate documents, reports and efficiently handing over the premises, while securing your interests. After the rental period, I will help you with settling the bills and receiving the property back.

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