I decided to sell a real estate – now what?

Something made you decide to sell your property. Along with the decision, you should answer a few questions that can have a significant impact on the end result, which in our case is sales.

For how much you can sell your property, and what to consider when setting the price

To effectively sell a property at a reasonable time, it is necessary to set a price that will be adjusted to the market realities. Following up on prices on portals with real estate offers may be misguiding. The differences between the offer prices and the final sale prices can be as high as 10% – and that’s a lot.

So what needs to be considered when determining the theoretical value of the property:

– Location taking into account the attractiveness of the area in terms of infrastructure, public transport, retail and service outlets, parks, tourist attractions. Investments that may have a negative or positive effect on the property price. As an example, when the International Congress Centre will be built in the vicinity of your property, its value will increase. On the other hand, it is a possible block of flats right in front of your balcony or a nearby expressway. The significantly reduce of the estate value have to be taken into account.

– In the case of an apartment: number of the floor in the building and the number of apartments in it, the year of building construction, the plan and layout of the premises, equipment of the apartment, additional areas (balcony, terrace, garden), other amenities (view from the windows, elevator, belonging spaces, security, reception, gym, swimming pool etc.)

“I have no influence on changing any of the above factors. However, I can expose the best of it and in this way lead to a sale.”

– The deviating price from the market realities is naturally tempting, but it is also highly risky. Why? Because the new offer on the market is most popular in the first 8 weeks. If the potential customer who would set the purchase offer has not appeared yet, after this time the
interest usually decreases. The proposal may be already over witnessed by buyers at browsing portals, and at this moment, no one is interested in it anymore. Therefore, when I am determining the price of a property with you, in addition to relying on my own experience, I use my access to real estate transaction prices and a precise system to calculate the offer price of the property.

What effects for you may bring the start of the sales process from setting the overvalued price?

– lack of interest in the “hottest” period for the sales period
– over witnessed offer
– price reduction, which will also be noticed by potential buyers and might be used later by them in negotiations
– you will incur additional costs related to the promotion of the offer online

What is the target audience for the purchase of the offer?

A potential buyer profile must be considered during sales planning. Who will it be? A family with children, an investor who wants to allocate funds in a developing location, a young couple, or maybe a single? This is key to further action, in regards to the preparation of an offer for sale to a specific customer, but also targeting a promotion campaign to a particular group. All the above afterwards translates into the speed of finalising the deal.